Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures of Haircuts

Pictures of Haircuts information:

When choosing your hairstyle, remember that you'll have a much easier time if you choose a style that lets hair do what it wants

Fine Hair has the appearance of softness, which can be very feminine and appealing. However, if you want it to look thicker, you should have it layered slightly. A soft body wave adds fullness and hair coloring can also give more body and make it look thicker.

Course Hair has an overall heavy look - one that makes a statement. Cut is very important and a haircut that shapes the face will also help control the hair. Coloring will soften the texture by filling in and smoothing out the cuticle.

Straight Hair can be thick or thin but when in perfect, shiny condition, it gives the impression of a shimmering sheet of hair. A straight, blunt cut to the length you decide is best. A body wave will create movement and curlers will help add height.

Pictures of Haircuts is perhaps the most versatile. You can blow-dry it straight, use rollers of various sizes to adjust the natural curls, or let it go soft and curly on its own.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hair Color Pictures

Some parts of the natural oils produced by the scalp gets removed by the process of coloring. Therefore, it becomes necessary to restore the balance of natural oils as soon as the process is over. For that reason the hair must be kept moisturized properly not only for the health of the hair but also to preserve the brightness of the color.

The hot oil treatment is the best way to restore natural moisture to the hair. It also helps strengthen weak hair. This is how it can be done:
1. Take a few teaspoonful of vegetable oil in a pot and warm it up a little.
2. Its better to heat the oil in a pot of boiling water to avoid quick over heating of the oil.
3. Apply the warm oil on the hair and wrap it up with a towel. This will keep the oil warm and absorb humidity.
4. Keep it for about 30 minutes on the hair and then rinse the oil off with a shampoo.
5. This hair mask should be applied on the hair at least once in a week for getting better results.

If the hair tends to wash away too quickly try using some natural mixture to rinse your hair. Using lemon juice mixed with water is quite good for final rinse right after you wash your hair cosmetics. A teaspoon of vinegar can also be used in place of lemon juice. For maintaining hair color tea water is also much helpful. Besides this it is strongly recommended not to use hair dryers or other such accessories. Hair straighteners and curling irons that use heat process should also be avoided as well. Hair experts suggest avoiding direct sun exposure to the hair as far as possible. Sun exposure can dry hair and make it lose the brightness faster than normal. Therefore, before getting out in the sun try using a hat or a scarf to cover the hair and protect it from direct exposure to the sun. Not only the sun but also seawater and chlorinated water can cause damage to your hair color. Use a swimming cap before getting into the water and shampoo your hair afterwards.Probably you are enjoy with this article about How to take care of your colored hair, you also can looking on other information contains Hair Color Pictures that fit with your search.